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Tuckandee is a Noonghaburra word.

Traditionally, every Noonghaburra person was born to a brother or sister in one of the surrounding 25 communities. This person (Tuckandee) was a stranger, but was taught all the Noonghaburra law, religion and belief. So, if you died, they could join your community and take over the teaching of your children. The teaching could take years and only then could the Tuckandee return to his/her own family and community.

Our mission is to share the sophistication and depth of traditional Noonghaburra culture in the hope that, like us, people will see that the concepts are equally relevant today - an ancient wisdom which is timeless.

There are two vital elements to Tuckandee’s work:

1. Organisations

Tuckandee provides short duration workshops for Companies’ wishing to retain their people’s knowledge, improve the way diverse teams interact and have their people all working towards a common goal, taking responsibility and showing respect.

2. Communities

Tuckandee uses a gentle, innovative and inclusive workshop process to assist diverse individuals within communities to come together, decide on a shared vision of the future and begin taking steps towards it.

Tex Skuthorpe is also an award winning Aboriginal artist whose works often depict one of the many traditional Noonghaburra stories.

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