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There are many benefits to organisations in studying the methodologies of traditional Aboriginal society. Tuckandee provides an opportunity for individuals and organisations to experience some of these practices and analyse their relevance to the current work environment.

“Tuckandee workshops are unique in the world….You will have an experience you will never forget.”
Karl-Erik Sveiby, professor and author of The New Organizational Wealth.

what does aboriginal culture have to offer?

Knowledge Management

In traditional Aboriginal society, knowledge was not owned or used as a power base. The teaching methodologies created in the learner a deep sense of responsibility to share the knowledge and to use it wisely and equally for the benefit of all.

Valuing Difference

The initiation process gave young people knowledge not only of their own community and environment but also of surrounding communities. Emphasis during the learning process was on showing respect to yourself and to others - the different protocols, religions, laws etc. There was an excitement in learning about difference rather than a fear of it.

Team Building

Traditional Aboriginal communities had to work together in order to survive. No single person, plant or animal was more or less important than any other. Very diverse individuals, animals etc each had their role to play; each selflessly contributed their unique skills and knowledge for the benefit of the whole.

Consensus Decision Making

Traditionally, Aboriginal people used very different communication methods which enabled all individuals to contribute to community decisions. Time was taken to consider all points of view and to incorporate them into a holistic solution which benefited the whole community.

Learner Driven Experience

Traditional teaching practices were highly experiential and truly learner driven. Learners were encouraged to fully participate in the experience and draw their own conclusions - facilitation in its truest sense.

how will i experience these methodologies?

Tuckandee Training conducts workshops of varying types and durations - conference activities, single day city workshops and several day experiences in remote bush settings. All workshops are conducted using the methodologies outlined - learner driven experience is paramount. Participants are given the opportunity to experience a small part of traditional society and are encouraged to apply the methodologies to their own environment.

the facilitators

Tex Skuthorpe, is an Aboriginal man from Goodooga, north western NSW, Australia. He was privileged to be taught much of his traditional culture by old people in the area and has continued his learning for more than 40 years. The old people taught Tex that learning comes with a high level of responsibility to share the knowledge appropriately with all groups of people.

Consequently, Tex has been sharing his knowledge with Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal groups for more than 20 years. Tex has worked at all levels in numerous organisations and Government Departments. The key messages in all Tex’s work are responsibility, respect and understanding. It is this philosophy and knowledge which make Tex a highly respected and sought after consultant.

Anne Morrill has been a Human Resource professional for more than 20 years, working for 10 years as the General Manager, Human Resources for Thomas Cook Travel. Anne saw the fads come and go without making any real or sustained difference in staff morale or loyalty.

In learning about Aboriginal culture Anne has come to realise that it offers the opportunity for genuine, lasting change within an organisation - to create an environment of respect and continuing joy in learning. To the partnership with Tex, Anne brings her understanding of organisation needs and her 20 years experience in Management training.

what people say

“The Tuckandee workshops are unique in the world. Tex and Anne have an ability to link the profound knowledge of the Aboriginal culture to the leadership issues of today through highly practical exercises. You will have an experience that you will never forget. Highly recommended!”
Karl-Erik Sveiby, Sveiby Knowledge Associates, author of “The New Organizational Wealth”.

“Leadership development at CUB focuses on building the confidence, courage and passion in individuals to then engage, inspire and enable others in the achievement of a shared vision. As a core part of this journey, Tex and Anne from Tuckandee challenged our self perceptions and created a uniquely reflective environment that captured the essence of the learning for participants. These intensely personal thoughts are now hanging proudly in our corporate head office as a constant reminder of our vision of the future. Thanks Tex and Anne for helping us really understand collaborative and courageous leadership”
Steve Arthurson, General Manager, Human Resources, Carlton United Breweries.

We have used Anne and Tex as part of our Project Leaders Program. In their half day session the process and the creation of something tangible out of intangible has been bonding and powerful for the participants. Two responses are highlighted - one is the reality that many learn more about the hidden indigenous culture in that 3-4 hours than in 40-50 years of life. Secondly, the sense of engaging something deeper and more meaningful than straight content is palpable. Many participants end up quiet, reflective, reverential about their creation and often surprisingly feeling personally empowered and liberated."
Giuseppe Gigliotti, Senior Adviser, CSIRO Learning & Development.

“Having witnessed Tex and Anne on several occasions, I am amazed at how much I come away more enriched each time. One of the fundamental requirements for implementing a knowledge sharing culture is creating respect for the “knowledge” and respect for the custodians of the knowledge. As Tex and Anne clearly demonstrate these elements have been developed and refined for thousands of years within Aboriginal communities. Tex and Anne’s programs provide an insight into how knowledge was used as ‘value’ rather than ‘power’ within traditional Aboriginal communities. Any organisation struggling with understanding how to leverage their knowledge capacity should ‘experience’ one of their sessions.”
Peter Dyson, Managing Director, Celemi.

"The most enjoyable 4 days of learning anyone could ever have. Not a course but a real life experience. Perfect for both bonding and learning in a new way. The last 4 days have been an experience that I was unprepared for..... I have benefited more than from any other 'training' experience. I found this an extremely valuable and rewarding experience that will assist me greatly in managing.......in future."
Various participants, Department of Corrective Services, NSW.